Introducing Healing in Chiang Mai

The city of Chiang Mai in North Thailand, has a relaxed and open hearted feel despite being Thailand's second largest city. Possibly due to these reasons, Chiang Mai has become a small alternative healing hub, hosting a variety of permanent and seasonal alternative practitioners.

Tourists are often surprised as to how much is on offer here and upon such a discovery spontaneously take advantage of these services, which are offered at a fraction of the cost compared to prices back home. (Most practitioners charge between 2000 to 3000 baht a session as of 2014).

Looking for healing or spiritual growth but unsure as to what your looking for?

This blog gives an overview of the different types of healing and spiritual services on offer in Chiang Mai and how these services can benefit you. 

How To Find a Healer
How to Find a Healer

Before you embark on a search it is important to understand the difference between a healer and a healing modality/technique. This article outlines some key points to consider when searching for a healer and/or a healing modality.

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Body Work

Chiang Mai is know for its Thai Massage schools and clinics and in addendum to this there are some excellent body workers and teachers. Body work is more than just a massage as it aims to correct imbalances in the physical body and release emotions locked within it. Cellular Emotional Release is also available, a form of light touch to release emotions and Craniosacral Therapy, releasing restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system, is widely available in Chiang Mai.

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Chiang Mai has a number of detox centres around the outskirts of the city, some of whom serve very high profile clients. Colonics and detox support is also available in establishments in the city centre. A detox is a great way to improve your health as it removes the toxins in your body and can give you an opportunity to clear the stored emotions that were held with the toxins. We support people in their Detox process by Releasing the emotions that are uncovered during the detox.

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Thais and Westerners alike are offering all sorts of intuitive guidance from Tarot cards to Angel readings. We offer soul guidance sessions providing you an opportunity to see your most favorable path forward in life.

Energy Healers

There are numerous types of energy healers, usually initiated into a particular energy stream or tradition. The more common ones on offer include Reiki, Chi Gong and Shambala. Energy healers provide a channelling of energy that can restore your body’s health.

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A number of practitioners offer hypnosis in Chiang Mai. Hypnosis is a technique to bring a person into a profound state of concentrated relaxation. Once in this state different healing techniques can be used to bring about a holistic healing using the mind. We use hypnosis in combination with Releasing.

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Chiang Mai almost has a Wat (Buddhist temple) or every 3rd corner. Many of these Wats run a mediation program and there are number of retreat centres around Chiang Mai offering these programs also. Wat Rampoeng and the Goenka Meditation centre in Lamphun are well known. Meditation retreats.

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Native Traditions

This includes healers who use the principles and techniques as found in nature traditions. In Chiang Mai this includes Shamans and witches (nature healer). These traditions have been stigmatised through out history and while they may use different terminology and techniques in their healings, they can be equally effective.

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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is often done when a person is in hypnosis, where a person is brought back to a previous life to clear the held emotions and beliefs that are now affecting this current life. We do past life regressions as an integral part of the Releasing work.


Releasing is a unique offering as it is both an energy healing as well as a mental and psychological healing coupled with a self-discovery and self-awareness session. In a session we combine Releasing with a no-threatening style of Hypnosis, allowing us to directly access the energetic disturbances in your life and giving you the opportunity to rapidly clear it, freeing you from emotional, mental and physical pain.

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Sound Healing

Healing using frequencies include Tibetan Sound Bowls and Theta Healing (which uses a machine to create frequencies that are matched to the brain frequencies.) Sound healing uses different vibrations to match densities in the body/soul to illicit releasing and stimulate self healing.

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Spiritual Teachings

The offerings in Chiang Mai are mostly based on healings, however during the high season guest American Buddhist Teachers hold teachings at Wat Suan Dok.


Like any western orientated spiritual hub Chiang Mai has many places to practise yoga including some well established Yoga centers. Various forms of yoga are on offer including Tantric and Laughter Yoga.

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3 Letter Healings

Some of the American popularized healing modalities are available in Chiang Mai including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a technique to release emotions by tapping ourselves on key points. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which is a collection of various techniques gathered after the researchers studied many of the best healers around the globe.

FastTrack is also available, which is an adaptation and extension of EFT and finally TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), which as the name suggestions, is a simple set of muscle exercises that stimulate the release of emotions.

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The Unexpected

Sometimes a gentle word from a stranger or a song from a bird at sunrise can bring about spontaneous healing, like any where, this can happen in Chiang Mai also.